DFW SIM Chapter
Call for Nominations for Chapter Fellow

 All nominations must be received by a current Fellow NO LATER THAN June 30th of each year.

During the first half of each year there is a “call for nominations” to the chapter membership for anyone wishing to nominate a peer member for consideration as a Fellow. All nominations must come from a peer in the chapter as self-nominations are not permitted. Nominations are accomplished through the completion of a short form, which is attached. Any member can nominate one or more peer members for consideration.

The SIM DFW Chapter Fellows are a select group of senior professionals that represent a cross-section of the DFW SIM Chapter. Practitioners, academics, business partners, and senior IT consultants are currently among the ranks of the Fellows.

The Fellows are those individuals who throughout their careers have demonstrated a level of involvement that is not only very apparent within the broader IT discipline but also within their selected industry and within SIM. They have given of themselves to their SIM colleagues through their membership tenure (whether that time has been within the DFW Chapter or any SIM Chapter in which they have belonged) and have given to the SIM National organization as well.

The Fellows represent decades of experience and lessons learned and are always very willing to share the practices, expertise, and the lessons acquired over those years to any SIM colleague. It is through this sharing that others may take value and apply those lessons and “pearls of wisdom” in their own businesses and their own careers.

Once accepted as a DFW SIM Chapter Fellow that honorific is held for all time.