Caren Shiozaki | October 12, 2020

The emphasis is on the potential vulnerability of all internet-connected devices.

There are currently an estimated 4.8 billion Internet users — over 62% of the world’s population! This number will only grow, making the need to “Protect It” more important than ever.

Now one would think that today, a majority of the population are more cyber savvy, But 17 years after the advent of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, sad to say this isn’t the case.

The threat vectors have increased significantly in the time of COVID-19, because so many more people are working from home, and doing home schooling. So is it any wonder that the number of ransomware incidents are climbing.

Yes, and on top of that…

The U.S. government’s threat of legal consequences for making ransomware payments to sanctioned criminals will make third parties that facilitate such deals — including financial institutions, insurance companies and digital forensics firms — wary of approving future payoffs.  Something to factor into your ransomware response plans.

And finally, we’re providing a tip sheet from the National Cybersecurity alliance on how to secure your internet connected home.  This is  good information for our non-tech friends and family, and a good reminder for those of us in the profession.

If you support any non-profit organizations in your community – this information (with your assistance) will be particularly helpful.  Non-profit organizations have also had to switch quickly to working from home.  Many of these organizations are probably not that cyber-knowledgeable, and right now are quite pre-occupied with keeping their revenue streams up and their causes alive in the midst of this pandemic.  This is a good giveback opportunity of your time and talent!