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Call for Nominations for Chapter Fellow

This is a Call for Nominations for the DFW SIM Chapter Fellows. All nominations must be received by a current Fellow NO LATER THAN June 30th of each year.

The SIM DFW Chapter Fellows are a select group of senior professionals that represent a cross-section of the DFW SIM Chapter. Practitioners, academics, business partners, and senior IT consultants are currently among the ranks of the Fellows.

The Fellows are those individuals who throughout their careers have demonstrated a level of involvement that is not only very apparent within the broader IT discipline but also within their selected industry and within SIM. They have given of themselves to their SIM colleagues through their membership tenure (whether that time has been within the DFW Chapter or any SIM Chapter in which they have belonged) and have given to the SIM National organization as well.

The Fellows represent decades of experience and lessons learned and are always very willing to share the practices, expertise, and the lessons acquired over those years to any SIM colleague. It is through this sharing that others may take value and apply those lessons and “pearls of wisdom” in their own businesses and their own careers.

Once accepted as a DFW SIM Chapter Fellow that honorific is held for all time.

During the first half of each year there is a “call for nominations” to the chapter membership for anyone wishing to nominate a peer member for consideration as a Fellow. All nominations must come from a peer in the chapter as self-nominations are not permitted. Nominations are accomplished through the completion of a short form, which is attached. Any member can nominate one or more peer members for consideration.
There is, however, a set of minimum criteria for consideration during the nomination process. These criteria are reflective of four higher-level aspects deemed important as the basic requirements when considering a member to be a Fellow. They are:

  • Involvement in SIM as a member for at least 12 consecutive years, with last 5 years with the DFW Chapter,
  • Involvement in SIM as an active chapter volunteer providing time and energy working towards the chapter’s goals, and
  • Involvement in SIM at the National level providing similar energies towards the larger, national efforts of SIM.

The specific nomination criteria, which follows, flows from these 4 higher-level aspects:

DFW SIM Chapter
Nomination for Chapter Fellow

During the fall of 2013 the Executive Board of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Society of Information Management implemented the Chapter’s Fellows program. The program recognized several members of the chapter whose contributions to SIM National and the local DFW SIM chapter were substantial, long term, and significantly benefited the membership of the SIM community.

In recognition of their involvement in SIM the chapter’s Executive Board bestowed upon them the honorific title of DFW SIM Chapter Fellow. A Fellow can be from any of the officially recognized membership categories of the chapter. It is important to note that the Fellows program is only recognized at the local chapter level and is NOT an officially recognized SIM National membership category or membership title.

Each year the Chapter’s Fellows and the Chapter Officers seek nominations from the chapter’s general membership for nominations of those who meet the criteria to be recognized as a chapter Fellow. The nomination guidelines are included below. Nominations can originate from any DFW SIM chapter member in good standing, although self-nominations are not permitted.

To submit a nomination, please complete the enclosed Member Profile form and forward the completed form to any Chapter Fellow by the advertised annual deadline date. All nominations will then be reviewed to ensure the nominee meets the SIM and chapter membership criteria and then be forwarded to the Chapter’s Officers for vetting and review. Afterwards, the Officers will forward the approved nominations on to the Chapter Fellows for final review, discussion, and decision. This duel review forms a “checks and balances” structure in the process.

Note that the attached nomination guidelines are not to be considered a “requirements checklist” whereby automatic acceptance as a Fellow is conferred. Rather they are a descriptive set of general minimum criteria in order for a chapter member to be considered for nomination. All decisions by the chapter’s Officers and active Fellows are final for that annual nomination cycle. Nominations may be resubmitted and are welcomed in subsequent nomination cycles.

Fellow Nomination Criteria


a. Must be a member in good standing within SIM National.
b. Must have minimum membership tenure of 12 years. The last 5 years must be with the DFW SIM Chapter.
c. All years should be contiguous and all years must be in good standing.


a. Must have active participation in at least 3 DFW SIM activities such as:

1. Positions on the SIM Board (each term counts as one activity)
2. Active participation on a committee (could be but not limited to Committee Chair position or Member of the Committee; each year of participation counts as an activity)
3. Participating in SIM Chapter Programs (ex: Golf Tournament Committee or Conference Committee)

b. Must have participated in at least one SIM National activity such as:

1. One of the SIM National Boards (one term only)
2. National Conference participant (i.e.: SIMPosium or SIM Connect Live)
3. National Conference Participant (ex: panel participant; presenter)
4. RLF (teaching or speaker, not attending)
5. A recognized SIM National committee, special project, or program chartered by the SIM National CEO or Executive Board

The DFW Chapter Fellows nomination form must be submitted to a current Chapter Fellow on or before June 30th of each calendar year. The nomination of any given member must be submitted by a peer chapter member as self-nominations are not permitted.

For all nominations that meet the consideration criteria, the nominee goes through two separate vetting processes: one by the Executive Officers of the chapter and another by the Chapter’s Fellows. Each vetting and voting process is separate and confidential from the other and creates a “checks and balances” structure. Only those nominees passing both processes will become a Chapter Fellow.

The Chapter Fellows will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will receive nomination forms.

The currently active Chapter Fellows are:
Dr. Jack Becker | Nellson Burns | Kevin Campbell | Chris Feola | Andrew Jackson | Blake Holman
Debbie Jowers | Dr. Leon Kappelman | Janis O’Bryan | Caren Shiozaki | Dr. Ulrike Schultze | Peter Vogel
Mark Urbis | Mark Snyder | John Cole

Individual Nomination Profile for DFW Chapter Fellow

General Contact Information for the Nominee

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Nominee Name:(Required)

General Contact Information for the Member Presenting the Nominee


General Profile Information:

Has the nominee been a previous member of SIM?(Required)
Is the nominee a graduate from SIM’s RLF program?(Required)

SIM Participation

On attached pages please document the nominee’s level of professional participation in SIM and associated SIM programs/activities. Where appropriate, please include titles of positions held, start and end dates, responsibilities or duties of the position, etc. If a participating member on a particular committee or Board, please include the name of the committee/Board’s Chairperson (if known). Although this section of the nomination form is freeform and prose-based, at a minimum please be sure to address each of the points listed in the Participation Section of the guidelines as shown on the previous pages. Any additional information included that can add depth and content to the description would be extremely beneficial. Additionally, feel free to attach any form of additional information that you feel would be helpful during the review process.
Max. file size: 2 MB.

Supporting Recommendations:

Although not required, if the nominator wishes to include supporting recommendation letters from other chapter members (either DFW chapter or other SIM chapter members) on behalf of the nominee, then those would be very welcomed. Once again, please note that this is not a requirement for nominating a colleague for consideration as a DFW Chapter Fellow.
Max. file size: 2 MB.


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